Jun 21, 2009

We Make is one year old!

Today marks the anniversary of our very first fair and wow, what an amazing year it has been.

On the 22nd June 2008 we were all excitedly and nervously setting up and running our first ever We Make fair. After a lot of hard work and preparation, the day finally arrived.

With lots of fantastic sellers and visitors it truly was a special event.

Now a year later we are working on our 4th and 5th events. Our up coming Christmas fair being our biggest fair yet. We are really pleased with the support we have received, and how successful everyone has made our events.

The We Make team: Laura, Jo, Mary, Karin and Julie. We would all like to thank many talented sellers, wonderful visitors and regular supporters. We would especially like to thank Jessica from OfCabbages and kings for the opportunity of collaborated fairs in Stoke Newington, and her ongoing support.

We have certainly achieved a lot in one year!

As a special We Make anniversary promotion we have created 50 limited edition anniversary badges using our special one year logo.

Post a comment on our one year post over the next two weeks and we will randomly select 50 people to receive one our our limited edition badges.

We will then post the list of names, if your name is on the list you can then email us your address to send your badge too.

If you are planning on attending one of our events this year and are lucky enough to receive one of our badges. Wear our limited edition badges to any of our fairs and we will give you a free tote goody bag for that event.

Once again we would all like to thank you for making this a special year for us.

Viva la We Make craft revolution!