Apr 30, 2010

Penny Spooner Ceramics Designer Feature:

About Penny Spooner:

Once it was a hobby, now it's an obsession, but I absolutely love it! Everything I make has first buzzed around in my head whilst making the tea, walking the dogs or once sitting in the theatre! My notebook is stashed with scraps of paper covered in scribbles, ideas & sketches. I love the process of making a piece whether it be on the wheel or hand-built, and I especially love printing words & images onto my work or decorating with slip. I choose a day at the studio over any pamper day!


Inspiration for new ideas comes from the most unexpected places sometimes – like a grumpy email that begged to be printed onto a porcelain vase and sent back to the originator!

A lot of my pieces are inspired by traditional ‘tea-times’ at my Grandmother’s house as a child – fabulous cakes served on stands, tea cups with a saucer and doileys in abundance! I incorporate all these things with my own twist, like my ‘gossipy tea cups’ and cake stands with the doiley decoration - I even make sets of teaspoons based on her original ones.

Best Sellers:

These would be my salt bowl, milk & sugar set, and dressing jug.

New for 2010:

This year I have produced some hand-built porcelain fruit and nut dishes in a variety of sizes, with the various names of fruit or nuts printed around the outside.

Apr 28, 2010

Gift Guide: Kids

Gift Written By Tracy Brown from White Lily Green

We all know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for children. Especially when you are looking for something a bit different. The Designers exhibiting in the We Make London Summer Fair may have just what you've been looking for. Here we have a selection of my favourite gifts and party wear for your little ones.

Cara's Creations
Personalised paintings

I just love Cara's Personalised Paintings. What little girl or boy wouldn't love to see all their favourite things in a painting on their wall? Just send her a list of the recipient’s favourite things and Cara will make it all happen. I love the magical, fairytale feel of her work. Such a refreshing change from the mass produced keepsakes you find in the high street.

Contact Caras Creations for prices and more information


Super Stickers

My children love these super stickers. Bright and bold, and like nothing you've seen before. We have some of the ones they can colour in themselves too, which is such a clever idea (See ChickP's Website) not only are they gorgeous, and fun, but ChickP's products are environmental friendly. Where possible, the materials are sourced from small, local or family run businesses. The paints used are non- toxic, and the packaging is recycled, recyclable and the bags they arrive in are 100% biodegradable.
Contact ChickP for prices and more information.

Pirate costume

Starry Girl costume

Dressing up is an activity that all children enjoy and it’s vital in their development, as it encourages imagination, role play and experimentation. So really, a dressing up outfit is an educational gift!
I adore the Pirate Costume, which is suitable for both boys and girls, and the Starry Girl Costume, which is every little girls dream. It’s beautiful. Isabees costumes are so much nicer than anything I've seen in the shops and very original. Each part of the outfit is available separately, so you can buy as much or as little as you want, or even mix and match!

Little Chook
T-shirts – singing Bluebirds

If you are looking for a cute gift in the clothing department, then look no further than Little Chook. Her T-shirt's are just adorable and completely unique to anything you'll find on the high street. I particularly heart her Singing bluebirds T-shirt. So cute!

Love You longtime Baby

Black & white party dress

Well a Birthday girl needs a party dress, and this is a favourite of mine. The monochrome floral look is very in at the moment and the beautifully vivid pink bow sets it off to perfection. All dresses are individually handmade so at £45 this is a fantastic buy.


Milk Two Bunnies
2 bunny’s gift set

Whenever I'm buying a gift for a new baby, I always like to make sure my gift is original so the new parents don't end up with a dozen of the same thing. Milk Two Bunnies gift sets are a perfect solution. I think this 2 Bunnies Gift set is just gorgeous for any ne
wborn little girl. They come in a beautifully packaged box too! This particular gift set is £40. Check out their website for more combinations which are available on request. If looking for a boy’s gift, this scrummy set is just perfect.

Organic gift set

If you are looking for a more traditional hat and booties set, Nyoki have beautifully made sets with a modern twist. They are made using 100% organic cotton yarn, which is lovely and soft for a delicate baby’s skin. This gorgeous set for little boys features a cute little car – So adorable! Again, your gift wrapping worries are solved as Nyoki present their gist sets in beautiful recycled gift boxes with tissue paper and matching ribbon. Perfect at £56.99.

Age T-shirts

Age T-shirts are such a great idea to mark a little ones Birthday. Whether for a gift or as party wear, they become an irreplaceable keepsake after the big day. This Number and bug T-Shirt is incredible cute & funky! More and more Mums seek original clothing for their well dressed kiddies nowadays, so sidneysidney's T-shirts are a must buy! Check out sidneysidneys Etsy shop for more ages and designs.
A bargain buy at £16

Toby Boo
Soldier Doll

No Nursery should be without some childhood n
ostalgia and Tobyboo's fantastic one off pieces would make a great addition to any childs room. I particularly love this soldier doll. We all remember the vintage toy soldiers from back in the day and this little guy brings back those enchanting memories and with it, introduces that same magic for our own children.
It’s not suitable to play with due to small parts, but it is a fantastic decoration to add those personal finishing touches. He would look fabulous on a mantel or sitting in an easy chair.
Soldier doll is £40.

Apr 27, 2010

Round London Designer Feature:

About Round London:

After graduating from Fashion & Management degree, what followed was 3½ years of designing for mass-production / high street. I've worked with Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Primark etc. and yes, the first time you walk into a shop and see your idea, design and hard work, that's pretty special.
However, life's a journey, 11 years on from the time that I decided to put that Accountancy degree on hold, I've learned that the fashion industry, with it's off-the-catwalk, on-the-rail mentality is hugely unethical. I left my full-time design job 1 ½ year ago to concentrate on what I believe and love working on and created Round London.


For 2010, Round London uses geometric cuts of sustainable fabric to inspire a collection of unique one off directional pieces. Wool, cotton, jersey, chiffon and denim are cut, folded, draped and manipulated to produce a range of striking intricate dresses and tops. Appliqué adds individual detail to classic shapes while exposed zips give feminine dresses a tough edge.

Best Sellers:

This is one of the best seller as it’s unique and easy to fit

We Make Summer Fair:

New Collection with more vibrant colours and variations on the best sellers.



Hung Drawn Quoted Designer Feature:

About Hung Drawn Quoted:

I am an artist and illustrator with a penchant for the double entendre. I work with textiles, embroidery and anything else that takes my fancy. I began my studies with graphic design but soon felt I needed to be more experimental. I went on to do a fine art degree at Leeds and later a Masters in illustration at Central St. Martins. My work can best be described as kitsch. I love colour, texture and humour and I try to reflect this in everything I do.


Inspiration comes from everywhere and usually as a result of something that has made me smile. I adore puns, throwaway comments and irony, the things that stop us all from taking life too seriously.

Best Sellers:

My signature piece would probably be my interpretation of a jar of Marmite. Like the ad says, you either love it or hate it but everyone has an opinion on it. I personally hate the stuff but love the bottle and design.

We Make Summer Fair:

I will be selling a selection of originals, prints and greetings cards to suit all occasions.

You’re Sites:



Apr 26, 2010

Love From B Designer Feature:

About Love From B:

The combination of a long, dreary 08/09 winter, and being jobless, saw me wanting to start making things. I’ve always drawn, but struggled to focus with it, so I decided to have a crack at knitting. While searching for simple patterns to start with, I discovered amigurumi, and was instantly hooked. I began with an ambitious pattern of a rain cloud for a friend’s birthday, and not surprisingly, made a ton of mistakes. I learnt a lot though, and began experimenting. When asked at a jumble sale if I could wholesale my mini ice cream design to Lady Luck Rules Ok, I began to take my knitting seriously. I had actually intended for the ice cream to be a tiny cupcake; but the pattern never turned out the way. It was this happy accident that started ‘Love From B’.


Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, doe-eyed creatures, candy colours, Kid Robot designs, human anatomy, Mexican sugar skull tattoos, and the dream of never having to work in an office again. I think I do what I do because being busy making things, quite simply, makes me happy.

Best Sellers:

Although I haven’t been able to spend time focusing on my own shop yet, I would have to choose my ‘i Y mini ice creams’ range as a best seller & signature piece. It sold like hot cakes on the Lady Luck Rules Ok online store, and is the reason I started ‘Love From B’.

We Make Summer Fair:

I have a load of fun knitting creatures & accessories up my sleeve for the We Make Fair, which I’m very excited about. I’ll be bring along lots of summery ice cream themed goodies, and my new ‘anatominies’ range. There’ll also the chance to grab a few little bargains. I’ll be setting up a facebook page for ‘Love From B’ between now and the fair, and it’ll be worth keeping an eye for some upcoming competitions & quizzes.



Apr 22, 2010

Julietk Designer Feature

About Julietk:

I have been making and selling Handcrafted items for many years and on the Internet for the last 4 & 1/2 years.
I Love Art and Crafts and have always been creative. I have sold work in a variety of mediums, Drawings, Paintings, Bears, Dolls, Fantasy creatures, fantsy Dolls Houses & Miniatures, Pet portraits, Tote Bags and Jewellery. I have painted murals and worked on many stage set projects with my sons school and for charity events.
My mother Graduated from Camberwell school of Fine Art in the sixties and was my personal tutor and inspiration until she passed away 5 & 1/2 years ago. It was the extra time I had on my hands no longer having to be a full time carer that gave me the kick start to take myself seriously as a crafts person.


I am self taught in the craft Needle felting it was just something I took to from the start. My inspirations come mainly from nature, making a tiny animal I can hold in my hand never looses it's charm. I also have a keen interest in recycling materials a lot of my non Needle felted projects are made from recycled materials.

We Make Summer:

Each Needle felted piece is a one of a kind and takes a lot of time to make, many are made on commission, so I work intensively before a fair to build up enough stock.

I have my own website www.julietk-uk.com but I sell on Etsy and other handmade sites too, you have to spread your self around as a self representing artist google Julietk and you will find me :-)
I also love to blog so if you want to see works in progress, tutorials or find out more about needle felting its http://www.julietkbears.blogspot.com/

Apr 21, 2010

Creme Nouveau Designer Feature:

Twinkle deluxe collection

About Creme Noveau:

I love creating jewellery and it has got to be flamboyant, tongue in cheek and above all fun! It’s got to make you smile. I can’t resist using unexpected items and kooky vintage images. I hunt for my treasure in junk shops and at car boots sales. My medium of choice is predominantly resin and any charming odds and ends. My work is all about retro revival with a sense of humour, and of course involving sprinklings of the most sparkly finds and lashings of decadent glamour.


I love extravagant gewgaws and nostalgic kitsch ephemera. I’m fascinated by weird and wonderful oddities from decades past, and vintage Hollywood glamour, perfectly preened actresses dripping in elaborate jewels. I try to combine this extravagance with my whimsical finds to create jewellery that when worn, demands attention.

Best Sellers:

‘fancy a dodger?’

Babe necklace from my twinkle deluxe collection is my most popular. It features an image of a 17th century nude woman being led blind fold by a pig and a cherub! Also my ‘oh crumbs’ collection always go down a treat, the jammy dazzler brooches In particular.

brooch ‘Babe’ necklace

We Make Summer Fair:

I am showing my newest collection twinkle deluxe with my latest items, including bracelets and
earrings, and I will be giving free cute badges to every customer exclusively at we make.



Apr 20, 2010

UkHandmade Writing Competition:

Purple organiser by Angharad
Are you a keen writer living in the UK? Are you passionate about handmade? Then why not get your creative juices flowing and enter the UK Handmade writing competition!

This is a chance to have your say on a topic that really matters to you - write up to 500 words on any topic which relates to the creative world, include some nice pictures and email it to editor@ukhandmade.co.uk at any time up to Friday 28th May 2010.

The winning article will be published in the Autumn issue of UK Handmade Magazine (due out 1 September 2010), and there will also be an in depth interview with the winner published on the UK Handmade blog. The winner will also receive a free advertising spot in the magazine.

The competition is open to everyone within the UK, so feel free to tell your friends about it - this is a great opportunity to get an article published in one of the fastest growing and widely read online magazines in the handmade community!

Competition Rules:
  • Entries can be on any subject as long as they are related in some way to the creative industries.
  • Articles should be no longer than 500 words with 2-3 accompanying photos.
  • The deadline for submissions is midnight (GMT) on Friday 28th May 2010
  • Email submissions only to editor@ukhandmade.co.uk.
  • One entry per person.
  • Entrants must be resident in the UK.
  • The winner will be announced on the blog on Thursday 1st July 2010.
Photo: Purple Organiser by Angharad (© Helen Henley) - visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/angharad.

Apr 17, 2010

TobyBoo Designer Feature

About TobyBoo:

In a nutshell: Central St Martins graduate then television researcher then handbag designer then mother. After a combination of being disabled and having a tiny baby somehow I needed to keep sane. Starting with presents for baby friends and word of mouth Tobyboo was born. Tobyboo is just me Tina. Named after my two and a half year old boo, I create embroidered decorative items for special occasions. Framed textile art, baby blankets, vintage style dolls, wedding keepsake art along with the exciting, challenging commissions put my way!


I'm inspired by almost anything I see. Not meaning to sound like Paul Smith but it's true - if you don't find inspiration in everything look again! Can't really put it better than that.

Best Sellers:

My current best sellers are my baby blankets which are cosy soft Minkee backed and on the front - well that's what ever you could dream up! Custom made commissions have included nursery rhymes, wood land, flags with a Tobyboo twist and my favourite a pair of London blankets.

We Make Summer:

For We Make Summer I plan to have some fresh new work including gorgeous new dolls, cushions and some examples of some marvellous work that I could custom make for you.


Find more Boo at www.tobyboo.com or www.tobyboo.etsy.com

Apr 5, 2010

Etsy London Meet Up

Etsy are our main sponsor for our summer fair.
We Make is excited to hear they are having a London meet up on the 8th April. Below is more information on the meet up.

Mary for We Make (also Daintyprettythings on Etsy) will visiting and looking forward to meeting the people behind Etsy.

The meet up will be held at the Fashion and Textile Museum , where there be refreshments and a photographer (Heidi a.k.a. heidiadnum) on hand to help you get the best out of your product shots.

The FTM have kindly offered to keep their brand new exhibition open especially for the meet up on the evening. Very Sanderson — 150 Years of English Decoration , you don't want to miss it.

Photos via Team London Bridge on Flickr and FTM

The Venue

Thursday, April 8 from 18h30 to 20h30 at:

Fashion and Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street

View Map

The museum has wheelchair access.

Closest rail/underground station is London Bridge — you can plan your journey to the FTM using Transport for London's Journey Planner.