Apr 27, 2010

Round London Designer Feature:

About Round London:

After graduating from Fashion & Management degree, what followed was 3½ years of designing for mass-production / high street. I've worked with Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Primark etc. and yes, the first time you walk into a shop and see your idea, design and hard work, that's pretty special.
However, life's a journey, 11 years on from the time that I decided to put that Accountancy degree on hold, I've learned that the fashion industry, with it's off-the-catwalk, on-the-rail mentality is hugely unethical. I left my full-time design job 1 ½ year ago to concentrate on what I believe and love working on and created Round London.


For 2010, Round London uses geometric cuts of sustainable fabric to inspire a collection of unique one off directional pieces. Wool, cotton, jersey, chiffon and denim are cut, folded, draped and manipulated to produce a range of striking intricate dresses and tops. Appliqué adds individual detail to classic shapes while exposed zips give feminine dresses a tough edge.

Best Sellers:

This is one of the best seller as it’s unique and easy to fit

We Make Summer Fair:

New Collection with more vibrant colours and variations on the best sellers.



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