Apr 30, 2010

Penny Spooner Ceramics Designer Feature:

About Penny Spooner:

Once it was a hobby, now it's an obsession, but I absolutely love it! Everything I make has first buzzed around in my head whilst making the tea, walking the dogs or once sitting in the theatre! My notebook is stashed with scraps of paper covered in scribbles, ideas & sketches. I love the process of making a piece whether it be on the wheel or hand-built, and I especially love printing words & images onto my work or decorating with slip. I choose a day at the studio over any pamper day!


Inspiration for new ideas comes from the most unexpected places sometimes – like a grumpy email that begged to be printed onto a porcelain vase and sent back to the originator!

A lot of my pieces are inspired by traditional ‘tea-times’ at my Grandmother’s house as a child – fabulous cakes served on stands, tea cups with a saucer and doileys in abundance! I incorporate all these things with my own twist, like my ‘gossipy tea cups’ and cake stands with the doiley decoration - I even make sets of teaspoons based on her original ones.

Best Sellers:

These would be my salt bowl, milk & sugar set, and dressing jug.

New for 2010:

This year I have produced some hand-built porcelain fruit and nut dishes in a variety of sizes, with the various names of fruit or nuts printed around the outside.

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