Apr 22, 2010

Julietk Designer Feature

About Julietk:

I have been making and selling Handcrafted items for many years and on the Internet for the last 4 & 1/2 years.
I Love Art and Crafts and have always been creative. I have sold work in a variety of mediums, Drawings, Paintings, Bears, Dolls, Fantasy creatures, fantsy Dolls Houses & Miniatures, Pet portraits, Tote Bags and Jewellery. I have painted murals and worked on many stage set projects with my sons school and for charity events.
My mother Graduated from Camberwell school of Fine Art in the sixties and was my personal tutor and inspiration until she passed away 5 & 1/2 years ago. It was the extra time I had on my hands no longer having to be a full time carer that gave me the kick start to take myself seriously as a crafts person.


I am self taught in the craft Needle felting it was just something I took to from the start. My inspirations come mainly from nature, making a tiny animal I can hold in my hand never looses it's charm. I also have a keen interest in recycling materials a lot of my non Needle felted projects are made from recycled materials.

We Make Summer:

Each Needle felted piece is a one of a kind and takes a lot of time to make, many are made on commission, so I work intensively before a fair to build up enough stock.

I have my own website www.julietk-uk.com but I sell on Etsy and other handmade sites too, you have to spread your self around as a self representing artist google Julietk and you will find me :-)
I also love to blog so if you want to see works in progress, tutorials or find out more about needle felting its http://www.julietkbears.blogspot.com/

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