Apr 26, 2010

Love From B Designer Feature:

About Love From B:

The combination of a long, dreary 08/09 winter, and being jobless, saw me wanting to start making things. I’ve always drawn, but struggled to focus with it, so I decided to have a crack at knitting. While searching for simple patterns to start with, I discovered amigurumi, and was instantly hooked. I began with an ambitious pattern of a rain cloud for a friend’s birthday, and not surprisingly, made a ton of mistakes. I learnt a lot though, and began experimenting. When asked at a jumble sale if I could wholesale my mini ice cream design to Lady Luck Rules Ok, I began to take my knitting seriously. I had actually intended for the ice cream to be a tiny cupcake; but the pattern never turned out the way. It was this happy accident that started ‘Love From B’.


Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, doe-eyed creatures, candy colours, Kid Robot designs, human anatomy, Mexican sugar skull tattoos, and the dream of never having to work in an office again. I think I do what I do because being busy making things, quite simply, makes me happy.

Best Sellers:

Although I haven’t been able to spend time focusing on my own shop yet, I would have to choose my ‘i Y mini ice creams’ range as a best seller & signature piece. It sold like hot cakes on the Lady Luck Rules Ok online store, and is the reason I started ‘Love From B’.

We Make Summer Fair:

I have a load of fun knitting creatures & accessories up my sleeve for the We Make Fair, which I’m very excited about. I’ll be bring along lots of summery ice cream themed goodies, and my new ‘anatominies’ range. There’ll also the chance to grab a few little bargains. I’ll be setting up a facebook page for ‘Love From B’ between now and the fair, and it’ll be worth keeping an eye for some upcoming competitions & quizzes.



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