Jul 24, 2011

Summer Boutique Update:

Wow, where do we start. The Summer Boutique has had such an amazing response.

Each of the 8 days we were open the shop was bustling with visitors and buyers. The shop was beautifully laid out with the work from some of the most talented designers in the UK We also had visits from Press, shop and web buyers.
We sold over 720 items in the 8 days and generated a staggering £10000 in sales and commisions.

Firstly, I would  like to thank everyone involved that made the event possible. Especially Julie and Donna the other We Make team members, without there help our events wouldnt be possible. Also a huge thanks to Sanna for helping in the shop and setting up and a thank you to our sponsors Etsy and Ukhandmade for your continued support in our events.
I'd also like to thank Kate from Oak Studios for giving us the opportunity and trusting in us to turn her lovely studio into a shopping paradise.

But most importantly thank you to the 60 designers that took part in the event. At each of our events I am constantly amazed and very proud of the quality of the work and it just proves to everyone the beauty in buying handmade products. I think you'll agree from the pictures, everything was just stunning.

We Make London was formed in 2008 by a group of like minded designers looking for an affordable place to sell their work, a place that wasn't competing with mass produced imported products.
The last 3 years has been an immense amount of hard work, we have achieved some fantastic events and been lucky enough to host our events in some of the most beautiful places in London.
We like to push ourselves on what can be achieved, we believe this opens up opportunities to designer/ makers that wouldn't normally be there. It can be stressful, especially the few days leading up to the event. But as you can see from the images, its all worth it and I am immensely proud of what the team has achieved.

We have some exciting ideas for next year and some great events already being worked on for the rest of the year.

So thank you all for your continued support in what we do.

Mary McDermott