Apr 27, 2010

Hung Drawn Quoted Designer Feature:

About Hung Drawn Quoted:

I am an artist and illustrator with a penchant for the double entendre. I work with textiles, embroidery and anything else that takes my fancy. I began my studies with graphic design but soon felt I needed to be more experimental. I went on to do a fine art degree at Leeds and later a Masters in illustration at Central St. Martins. My work can best be described as kitsch. I love colour, texture and humour and I try to reflect this in everything I do.


Inspiration comes from everywhere and usually as a result of something that has made me smile. I adore puns, throwaway comments and irony, the things that stop us all from taking life too seriously.

Best Sellers:

My signature piece would probably be my interpretation of a jar of Marmite. Like the ad says, you either love it or hate it but everyone has an opinion on it. I personally hate the stuff but love the bottle and design.

We Make Summer Fair:

I will be selling a selection of originals, prints and greetings cards to suit all occasions.

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