Apr 19, 2009

Spring Fair

We Make and OfCabbages and Kings have joined together to bring you some of London’s most talented designer/makers. We are pleased to be hosting our Spring Fair at Abney Hall, Church Street, Stoke Newington on the 2nd and 3rd of May 10.30 to 5pm.
With just two weeks to go until the fair we thought we would give you a taster of some of the fantastic sellers that will be at the fair. There is a great range of products including:


1. OfCabbages and Kings:
http://www.ofcabbages.co.uk Unique vintage jewellery.

2. Dainty Pretty Things:
http://www.daintyprettythingsonline.com Sterling Silver and gemstone jewellery.

3. The Automatic Crystal:
http://www.theautomaticcrystal.com Ceramic Peanut Jewellery

4. Natty Jewels:
http://www.nattyjewels.co.uk Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewellery

5. Lady Luck Rules Ok:
http://www.ladyluckrulesok.com Funky Kitsch Fashion Jewellery

6. Lush and Lovely:
http://www.folksy.com/shops/lushandlovely Beaded Jewellery

7. Eskil Design:
http://www.eskildesign.com Wooden Cut Out Jewellery and Trays


1. Laurafallulah:
http://laurafallulah.etsy.com Pretty bags, purses and brooches

2. Luva Huva:
http://www.luvahuva.co.uk Handmade pretty knickers

3. Kathryn Bloom:
http://web.me.com/kathrynbloom/Kathryn_Bloom/Home.html Purses and bags

4. Donna Rule:
http://donnarule.etsy.com Tote bags, books, wall art


1. Ileaiye:
http://ileaiye.etsy.com Young, funky and trendy knitwear

2. Strikk:
http://strikk.etsy.com knitted cushions and homewear


1. Helen Rawlinson:
http://helenrawlinson.com/ Lampshades

2. Edwn UK:
http://www.edwynuk.com/ Cushions, dog toys and other homewears

3. Mozzle Home:
http://mozzlehome.com Cushions, blankets, booties, plushies

4. Namolio:
http://namolio.etsy.com Pin cushions and toys

5. Dawn Painter:
http://www.sanctuaryofwilderness.co.uk/homepage.htm Bird art, tea towels


1. Chickp:
http://www.chickp.co.uk Vinyl colourful wall stickers

2. Wonki-deco:
http://www.wonki-deco.com Toys


http://www.takae-mizutani.com Ceramic homewears

Soap and Beauty:

Moxie Beauty:
http://www.moxiebeauty.co.uk Soap, bath, aromatherapy and beauty products


Izabela said...

I would love to be there finally but probably I still cant make it this time

Anonymous said...

gosh, what a fantastic collection of artisans! i wish i could be there but will look forward to reading all about on here :)

We Make Christmas said...

yes, all of the sellers are fantastic, we will most definately have an update and pictures on here after the fair

Palaboy said...

ohh i like the dog toy that they are selling at edwynuk.com coz i really find it very cute and wont easily be destroyed by my dogs.

Sterling silver jewelry said...

Wow they are great and really original, i havent seen anything like that before.
Agree they are great, well done.

"I enjoy your blog so much!
You have beautiful pictures!"

gemstone jewelry said...

fantastic collections ..

cubic zirconia said...

i like it .. i enjoyed the blog so much