May 25, 2009

Chelsea Christmas Fair Update:

Chelsea Town Hall on London’s famous Kings Road.

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our booking at Chelsea Town hall. We have now booked the whole building by adding the small hall to this fantastic fair. We now have an amazing 75 stalls available.

Newly added to our fantastic fair Small Hall, this hall has beautiful ornate fireplaces surrounding the hall, making it a truly beautiful place to be situated in.

The plans for the fair are excitedly coming together. We are all working hard to make this a special event for us and everyone involved.

We will post more information as it is all confirmed. But in the mean time we thought we would let you see some more pictures of what truly is a beautiful building.

This is a really exciting event for us, not only is it our 4th fair but it is our biggest yet. We have had a lot of interest so please get your applications in nice and early as we would want any of you to miss out on your chance.

The full price list of our stalls is: Main Hall (35 stalls) £63

Small Hall (21 stalls) £58

Surrounding Areas (19 stalls) £56

Please note all of these stall prices include £2million personal liability insurance for each stall holder.

If you would like and application for please email us on


Anonymous said...

wow this looks fantastic

julietk said...

Well done on booking the whole building
where are you advertising it apart from the internet? thanks Julietk

Cassia said...

What an amazing venue and exciting to have your biggest fair yet!

We Make Christmas said...

Cassia, it is amazing and its a very exciting fair

Julie, we are just starting our PR program. Writing our press release, which will go out to magazines, blogs, newspapers, journalists, etc, etc. We will also be printing flyers which will be put around the local areas of London.

We will also do some local advertisements. So lots of hard work in promoting the event, but all worth it.

Fraggierocks said...

I had my college millinery show at that venue, it is a gorgeous building and in a fab area on the Kings Road. Well done on the booking! :)

Anonymous said...

How about e-mailing. If you could pass a flayers (scan them first) though the e-mail and tell people to forward it on it will get around very fast attracting more people. And also cost nothing!

My friends use to advertise fairs like this. And it really use to work.

If you want i wouldn't mind forwarding e-mails (with your permission) to all my friends and family.

Just a thought. Everything looks brilliant anyway!


We Make Christmas said...

Thats Great Sumaiya,

Yes thats what we have done for our previous fairs. we are currently working on a flyer that will be both printed (5000 copies) and distributed loval to the fair and other areas in London and also we will have email formats and also an email invitation that stall holders can invite friends/family/regular customers to.
I have your email address so as soon as it is ready i will email you a copy for distributing

Mary xx

Emma in Wonderland said...
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Emma in Wonderland said...

A fantastic location - I love this building so much! I used to work in the Kings' Rd and often walked past, popping in occasionally for various fairs and exhibitions. Friends of mine even married there!

Em :-)

Stephanie said...

Hi there
I mailed you a few days back to see if you still had any stalls available for the Christmas fair (although I realise the closing date has passed. Any chance for those of us who are 'late arrivals'?!