Jan 21, 2010

An Interesting Subject ....

As supporters of all things handmade We Make found Lady Luck Rules OKs recent post about Artwork theft interesting.

Artist and Designers selling both online and offline are open to people imitating there work.

Our own ethos at We Make is to support artist and designers, giving them a platform to sell there work amongst other like minded artist and designers. So they aren't competing with mass produced imitation products.

We constantly receive positive feedback from customers at our fair, commenting on the quality and originality of the products.
This therefore is making people more aware of the brilliance of handmade products.

We Make doesn't support any kind of copying, part of the joy of handmade is being individual.
It is inspiring to see all of our sellers work and the passion they have for it. So by copying the passion is lost and the individuality.

Lady Luck Rules OK, share there experiences and offer some useful tips to designers if this was to happen to them. To read Lady Luck Rules OK post click here


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