Mar 15, 2011

23 Rings by Laura Bell:

Laura Bell is currently in her second year of studying Applied Art at UCA Rochester, over the last year or so she has been working with found objects and creating (mainly) jewellery. Laura is fascinated with collected objects, the sentimental, the souvenir, and the histories, either real or fictional that we attach to them.

A tiny charm from a baby bracelet...
A letter from a friend you no longer see...
A button from your grandmothers collection...

We all have belongings that have little monetary value yet we keep and are attached to them. Why? Are they simply a visual prompt for a memory, or does it run deeper than that?

To explore this Laura has taken objects like these from her own life and created 23 rings. Each ring is unique, and handmade by Laura. The objects used have been set in various ways in an appropriate fashion to maintain (where possible) the objects original identity.

Laura now invites you to take part in a one day installation where you can come and take possession of one of these rings in exchange for an item from your own life that you have a sentimental attachment to.

Your item must be no bigger than the dome the rings are placed under (65mm diameter, 65mm high). Your item must not be perishable and you must have a strong attachment to the item. You will be required to leave a description of what the item means to you (between 30-60 words).
As there are a limited number of rings, exchange will happen on a first come, first served basis, follow Laura on twitter ( to get live updates on how many rings are left, to avoid disappointment.

The items exchanged during this installation will become a part of Laura’s next series of jewellery. She will exhibit this next series of work some time in June, if you have exchanged an item (or are just curious) you can leave a contact email or phone number and Laura will contact you with dates/location of this exhibition.

For information and directions please see Laura’s website: or Blog:

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nuvofelt said...

Sounds awesome, wish I could get to see it. Hope it goes really well.