Apr 22, 2011

We Are Back:

You may have noticed we have been a bit quiet online for the last few months, but for good reason!  
We have been busy behind the scenes and will have some exciting news to announce over the next few weeks.....
Starting with - we have a brand new logo!
For those of you that know the ‘We Make story’ we started this venture nearly 3 years ago without really knowing where it would take us. We had hoped to do We Make events around the country.
Therefore we designed a logo that could be easily adapted for events in other areas.
However, we never quite expected how popular our events would be in London. Our focus, particularly in the last 2 years has been our amazing events at venues such as Chelsea Town Hall. 
With so many beautiful, amazing places in London we want to continue creating events in places that not only create a wonderful surrounding for the event, but bring our sellers to new parts of London and celebrate our wonderful capital city.  

With this in mind we decided it was time for a brand new logo that showed our focus on London. We set Graphic Designer Jo Askey the task, and she has created this amazing new logo for us and guess what we love it!

That said, although our events are London based we will still always welcome designer makers from all over the country and give them the opportunity to sell in amazing places at affordable prices. We are really excited at each event to see that people travel from all over the country to have a stall or visit.
Our journey through We Make has been a exciting rollacoaster, the main thing that we love about what we do is the journey can take us anywhere, so who knows what the next 3 years will bring.
Secondly, we will soon announce a fabulous event in July! Full details of this will be published later on this week, so if you aren’t already signed up to our mailing list - JOIN NOW as we will be sending application forms out to our mailing list after the event is announced!
We also have a fantastic Christmas fair planned on the 10th December 2011, so pencil the date in your diary and watch out for details being announced within the next month!

We have a few other ideas in the pipeline too, so its going to be a fab, fun year.!  Watch this space!!


Sakura Jewellery said...

Absolutely LOVE your new logo, am a big fan of Jo Askey's work :) Looking fwd to hearing about all Wemake London's fab upcoming events!

Anna x

Clothcat said...

Fab logo! Hope to be able to make it to one of the events for bit of retail therapy this year.

Izabela said...

oh the new logo is really what ths is all about! fab!

definitely applying for your events :)

the atmosphere is always perfect!


Rebecca's Emporium said...

Awesome new logo! I love it :)

Rebecca's Emporium said...

Awesome new logo! I love it :)