Sep 4, 2012

Just a few days to go!

We are all busy working away on the preparations for our area at this years Thames Festival.

Last year was such a great success for We Make designers that we have been asked to take part again this year.
We are extremely excited and honored to be offered a fantastic part of the festival.
We will be at Bernie Spain Gardens. This is a beautiful grassed area situated between the Oxo Tower and Gabriel's Wharf. For more details on the area please check here:
This is a great location and is ideally situated for the fireworks on the Sunday evening. It is one of the main parts of the festival.
There is a great programme for the area over the weekend including a stage with live music, a bar area, food area and much more making it a fantastic vibe for the weekend.

Here is a sneak preview of the amazing designers that will be at our area of the festival.

Both Days:

BooBou Designs:

Fairytales and Hidden Notes:

Gitas Portal:


Amelia Parker:


Lemonstone Art:

Beyond Fabrics:

Belgin Bozsahin:

Lucy Jewellery:

Zoienne Brown:

Needles and Lemons:

Holly Francesca:

Crystal and Stone:

Tania Covo Jewellery:

Matlida Rose:

Frances and Francis:

Eight Bear:

Naomi Ryder:

Clementine and Bloom:

Beads and Bobbins:

Black Cactus:

Ville De Fleurs:

Grace and Firefly:

Elisha Francis:

Teodora Czentye:

Saturday 8th only:

Alexandra Rolfe:

Brandts Jewellery:

Joy Nevada:

Stone Beauty:


Remnant Circus: 

Called Beautiful:

Lizzes Beautiful Art:





Isamo Crochet:

Sunday 9th only:

Francesca Marcenaro:

Dapple Bay:

Kethi Copeland:

Bels Art:

Natalina Jewellery:

Tiny Toucan:

Wire Lotus:


Vicky's World:

Sarah Gooch:

Katriona Chapman:

Scamp Baby Gifts:

Rosie Wonders:


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