Dec 2, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Simply Scrumblicious

Mary and Gracie both have a passion for baking. They love making delicious cakes and chocolates. Mouth watering delights that are just Simply Scrumblicious.

Finding time in between their busy city jobs is a challenge in itself. They love using what spare time they have trying out new recipes and perfecting their favourites. Gracie is also a keen photographer which is perfect for capturing their delights.

‘The cakes we make vary, some are just old favourites; maybe with a twist and others have been delightful experiments evolved from flavours that inspire us, be it seasonal, or just a current hankering… Our cakes tend to be an amalgamation of different recipes and baking techniques, constantly tinkering with different ideas to get the desired texture and flavour. ‘

Mary was inspired by We Make London in June. She thought how wonderful it would be to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake while you are browsing and buying beautiful items.

Mary’s favourite cake at the moment is the Raspberry Almond cupcake as they are light and healthier so she can eat more than one.

Grace has preferences depending on her mood at the time, summer calls for light and refreshing – the mango raspberry charlotte cake had the zing to hit the spot, though when the nights draw in as winter looms, nothing beats the warmth of a delicately spiced carrot cake, with its velvety smooth cream cheese frosted duvet.

Waiting For We Make Christmas:
For We Make Christmas Simply Scrumblicious’ main focus will be on cup cakes and mini versions of larger cakes. One in particular is their mini cheesecakes. They will also be bringing a range of handmade chocolates consisting mainly of classic truffles.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas:
If you simply can’t wait till We Make Christmas to have a look at more of Mary and Gracie’s mouth watering creations then take a look at their blog I promise you, its full of sweet toothed loveliness.


laurafallulah said...

I have to say that I probably ate most of your stock. I had some mince pies which were amazing, a carrot cake and a green tea cupcake which were to die for and some rocky road popcorn which I could have eated packets of. I did share it all of course I am not that much of a pig :) I cannot reccomend these cakes and sweets highly enough

Londra said...

Looks so delicious.