Dec 2, 2009

Knit and Destroy Designer Feature

About Knit and Destroy:

I’m a tea lovin’ cake chompin’ knitaholic !!! I also love dancing around my house, cartwheeling , going to the seaside, playing with cats, talking, and food, I love food.

After 4 years at University I had acquired some skillz on the knitting machine and was itching to make something just cos I liked it, y’know?! I got a knitting machine for my birthday and started by making scarves and selling them through a friend’s stall in Manchester. It has just developed from there.


I have always loved novelty things and when I realised I could knit a scarf that looks like a tape measure I was away. I make things that people who don’t “get it” like to go, Awww, they’re lovely for kids… The point is they ain’t for kids, they’re fun knits made for those of us who frequent children’s clothes departments shrieking, “Why don’t they do that in MY size?!”

Best Seller:

My best seller is my crayon scarf, it is something that everyone can relate to as we have all used crayons at some time in our lives! It was one of the first scarves I made so that’s part of why it’s a ‘signature piece’ also the fact that it represents what I do with knit, novelty stuff!!!

Another best seller is the bow scarf, I think the cuteness and simplicity of this design is what people like.

We Make Christmas:

I will be selling a wide range of knitted goodies, scarves, brooches, cushions to name a few... including some special festive knits for the occasion!


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Emma in Wonderland said...

I adore that crayon scarf!

See you there, Em ♥