Dec 2, 2010

Wear Me Designer Feature:

About Wear Me:
Born in Ghana, West Africa, I came to live in the East End of London in 1985, where I've spent most of my adult life. Since then I've managed to fit in a fair bit a travelling, which I feel is really important as a designer. One of my favourite places is Santa Julia beach in Corsica, beautiful.

My path in this business has been a bit of a random journey to say the least, although I tried my hand at a few regular jobs, design was always at the heart of my intentions. I work with medium weight leather hides to make art nouveau style bags and statement jewellery. I suppose I developed a love of leather from my mum who was obsessed with the quality, feel and smell (aren't we all).

I was always going to do what I do, one way or another. I chose bags initially because I wanted my creations to be useful, however sometimes we just want beautiful things that please us, which is why I began designing jewellery. The jewellery is made from vegetable tanned leather which is then molded to create challenging forms that deceive the eye. My designs are inspired by nature and emotion as well as people who represent feelings of boldness and freedom. Quite often however, my creations are spontaneous and random, which I also love.

Signature Piece:

The Ivy garland was my molded leather launch piece, it captured my emotion at the time which was one independence and excitement. It still sparks these feelings every time I see it.

We Make Christmas:
I'll be bringing a selection of my molded pieces, long elegant chains and leather pendants, along with earrings and bracelets in the Ivy range and the new Masai collection. In addition will be my classic leather purses and bags, including the Mrs Cooper Star and the Winter Rose collection. You'll also be able to buy beautifully packaged gift sets and receive complimentary seasonal treats.

Ivy Pendant

Masai earrings

Jewellery packaging


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