Sep 17, 2009

TobyBoo Designer Feature

Tina and the Boo himself

About Tobyboo:

I create applique and freehand embroidered pieces for liitle boos (and some for big!)

To cut a very long story short, I'm a Jewellery graduate from Central Saint Martins that went into television then suddenly became ill and set up on my own to keep sane. I started out making one off handbags but fast forward to 2 years ago when you find yourself having to get heaps of baby presents that you can't afford, well you turn your hand to making them! Toby is just 2 years old and has changed my life in more ways than one. When my work got out the orders slowly came in and my spare room business was born!


I describe my work as hotchpotch fabric creations. When I was younger my dad used to make curries that were made up and called it hotchpotch, you'd never get the same thing twice! My work is the same - one off pieces, I don't like to work with patterns as I've always worked more just hands on and seeing what works. My inspiration comes from places that you wouldn't think, I'm fascinated by the Victorians, not just the art and how things look but the memento madness they had from morning jewellery to post mortem photography. It makes me want to put a twist on things like the Pearly King tooth pocket or Baby Hair, Baby Hare. The more obvious inspiration to my work is the 50's but I think you can spot that!

Best Sellers:

My most popular piece are the 'Initial frames' they make a simple but original baby gift.

We Make Christmas:

I will be all out Christmas for the fair! Lots of one off decorations, gifts and gorgeous Tobyboo signature stockings.

To have a peek at Tobyboo click on or some of the shop sites




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richard said...

Cool baby gifts. These are beautifully designed and framed.