Sep 4, 2008

Spotlight- Debsmuddle

Debra Sargeant lives in a lovely Essex village with her motorcycle mad husband, son, and two cats. Her pets, as well as other people’s pets, have had a huge impact on her crafting.

“My most popular items seem to be my doggy badges and I have also done a few pet portrait badges where I recreate peoples pet into a felt badge. The doggy brooches were originally inspired by a keyring I found and then I started looking at dog breeds to see which ones were suitable”

Debra’s doggy pins are really individual and a huge amount of time and stitches goes into each one. They are a perfect present for dog lovers, especially as the individual breeds that Debra recreates are easily recognisable to dog enthusiasts.

If you are more of a cat person yourself, never fear, for Debsmuddle also designs Kitty brooches, based on different breeds of cat. Each full of the intricate detailing that makes Debra’s dog brooches such a favourite.

Waiting for We Make Christmas

You can be sure that Debra will have been working overtime to bring you a huge array of her fabulous felt pets. However, that’s not all you will find on the Debsmuddle stall. Debra also creates stylish button and ribbon corsage style pins, and funky fabric headbands.

Don’t wait for We Make Christmas

If you have a pooch or a purr-er that you want Debra to lovingly recreate as a pin for you, don’t wait for We Make, contact her via her etsy now as you can be guaranteed that she will be inundated with requests after the fair.


debsmuddle said...

Thanks for the write up guys.

Anonymous said...

hope you didn't mind me using the motorcycle photo x

mawgen said...

I love the little felt brooches. Just right for putting in Christmas crackers!