Sep 30, 2008

Spotlight- Lisa Margreet

Lisa Margreet

Lisa Margreet draws you into a fascinating world of vintage glamour and retro chic. Her talents run from knitting to crochet, taking in aromatherapy and fashion design along the way. Her designs are spellbinding and leave you with a longing for a piece of her burlesque beauty.

“I sold my first fascinator off of my head in a toilet queue at a club in Brighton on New Years Eve! I sold it to the ex-wife of a famous musician who wore it to a gallery opening a few weeks later.”

Unsurprisingly, since then, Lisa Margreet has sold many, many more fascinators. There are many different fascinators in the Lisa Margreet range, burlesque red, simple black, pink ostrich feather, and wedding white. There is even a crochet version waiting to be added.

Lisa Margreet’s fascinators are just the beginning.
If you really want that old fashioned glamour then you also need the vintage curls and the perfect 1950s porcelain skin. Lisa Margreet has it covered. You can also buy a rag rolling kit for your hair to create those elusive burlesque curls; and a rose and frankincense facial oil for your face.

Waiting for We Make:

We Make Christmas is perfectly timed for all of your Christmas party needs so you need no further excuse to allow yourself a little piece of Lisa Margreet vintage glamour.

Can’t wait for We Make:

If you don’t want to wait for a special occasion for your Lisa Margreet original design, you don’t have to. Take a hop, click, and a jump (in your 1950s stocking clad feet) across to Lisa Margreet’s FOLKSY shop to peruse. The We Make team have spotted this wonderful red fascinator that is sure to spice up your wardrobe whether you want a wedding outfit, Halloween party glamour, or a bedroom accessory.

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