Oct 4, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Sisily Love

Adding A New Twist To Recycling

Ever wondered what to do with those old unusable vinyls? Keep finding bits of lego that the children are told old to play with. Then take a look at Sisily Love’s fantastic jewellery. Jo brings a whole new life to recycling. Her designs are so stunning that they leave you thinking, wow was that really a old record. Jo’s recreating start from an early age, she loved dressing up as all young girls do. However, Jo could never quite find the right dress or accessory, so she made what she wanted herself. Jo is now recreating her own unique jewellery. Combining techniques and materials that are beyond normal use.

‘I try to create things that have a decadent twist - a story or juxtaposition. I like to refashion things as you have never imagined, changing their significance or purpose - giving the material a greater value by recreating it with a twist of kitsch sparkle. I like my products to be punky and fresh.’

Waiting For We Make Christmas?

Jo is currectly working on some Christmas decorations with a twist. They will be made from vinyl. Silily Loves current vinyl ranges contain beautiful flower brooches and Wrist embellishments.

Jo's vinyl collection all come packaged in handmade boxes made from old vinyl sleeves.

Jo’s Lego range is a big hit, its unique twist design makes it a must have. People are fascinated with a recognisable object in a unrecognisable form. With heat manipulation Jo has turned a common play thing into a stunning design.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?

Silily Love’s stunning creations are available through her Etsy store sisilylove.etsy.com and upcycleme.etsy.com

There will also be a sneak preview of the vinyl Christmas decorations.

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