Oct 21, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Flurogoddess

Jennifer studied engineering and gained a Design degree but couldn't find the inspiration for what she wanted to do. She then stumbled on Heidi Kenney's website http://www.mypapercrane.com/. Taking great inspiration from this Jennifer crafted her first piece, an everlasting birthday cake. Since then Jennifer has experimented in lots of crafts like knitting, graphics, screen printing.

Jennifer’s ‘Keep calm, carry on’ are one of her best sellers. Available in bags, cushions, posters they make great gifts.

Waiting For We Make Christmas?

For We Make Christmas Jennifer is working on some eco-friendly Christmas trees, lovely garlands and alternative Christmas decorations.

We Make Christmas will see a range of Jennifer’s designs including some of her best sellers like her ‘Tea Cup’ candles; they add an unusual twist to candles and make a fantastic present. Also her screen printed items that are natural and fresh designs.

Jennifer also has a range of eco friendly, recycled note pads.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?

Flurogoddess Dawanda shop has a great range of her products. Bags, posters, cards, badges and much, much more.

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PennyDog said...

Blummin eck that girls got a lot of talent and craftiness! I like the pocket mirrors she makes, I've ordered two batches of custom mirrors from her already and I'm bound to order more! Looking forward to meeting her in real life at the fair!