Oct 10, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Arty All Sorts

Helen has always had a passion for photography. From the age of 12 she could be found snapping away. She has a talent for spotting shot’s just waiting to be taken. Helen finds a lot of inspiration in nature.

‘My style is definitely eclectic – I shoot whatever takes my fancy or whenever the opportunity arises and if I see a style I like, I often try to emulate it until I understand how it’s done then move on to the next. I do have an affinity for flower photography though especially close up and macro – the sheer beauty of that 1/2inch bit of flower always amazes me.’

Helen has perfected her technique making her photographs beautiful works of art.

Waiting For We Make Christmas?

Helen will be bringing a fine selection of her photography among these will be her best sellers ‘The Barn Owl’ and ‘Three Fishing Boats’.

‘I think the clarity of the water makes the first boat look like it’s floating on air and people seem to be amazed by it.

Helen is also working on calendars, magnets and note cards. These will make stunning Christmas presents. Helen’s next project is to have one of her pieces printed on an aluminium panel. This is the latest unusual presentation format in the photography world.

Can’t wait for We Make Christmas?

A beautiful selection of Arty Allsorts work is available in her online store. Her attention to detail of some of natures beauty is a real treat to see. http://artyallsorts.etsy.com

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