Oct 27, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Big Blue Bed

Alix loves working with different fabrics and yarns to create stunning purses, bags, buttons and hair accessories.

‘Fabrics and yarn talk to me. I love to hold them and feel it and imagine what it could be. I love colour and texture. So most of my items are colourful. ’

Alix also enjoys knitting. She has a pretty range of scarfs and cuffs. Colour is a big influence in Alix’s designs with bright coloured wools, yarns, fabrics.

Waiting for We Make Christmas?
Alix is currently working on a new and exciting project., Dorset Buttons.
‘These are a traditional button that was made before the Industrial revolution. It is a beautiful button that can be any colour and used to decorate many items or just as a button.’

Alix sells these by themselves, in sets, attached to snap clips and also bobby pins. They take quite a bit of work but Alix loves the tiny stitches that are needed to make them.

Alix is also working on some new matching bags and purses.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?
Check out Alix’s online shops. They are full of colourful, fresh designs. Lots of items that will make perfect gifts.
bigbluebed.etsy.com and bigblueknits2tog.etsy.com

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