Oct 17, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Bombus

Creating through Decoupage

Bombus wonderful creations are made using her own unique decoupage technique. Combining fabrics, vintage book and comics Amelia creates fresh recycled products.

Amelia has always love making things from an early age making clothes, bags for school friends. It was Amelia’s mother that introduced her to the exciting world of decoupage.

‘People often ask how I got into ‘decoupage’ which I suppose is quite a specialized process and I realized recently that this was something my mum had introduced me to at around 4 years old. She would give me a pair of scissors and an old mail order catalogue. I remember sitting carefully cutting out hundreds of images and organizing them in piles. She then taught me how to fix the little cut out pictures onto large pebbles and varnish them for doors stops.’

Bombus (Latin for Bumble Bee) has taken many twists and turns before becoming the much loved business it is now. Bombus chairs are much loved by the press, there uniqueness make them a flagship for Amelia’s business.

Waiting For We Make Christmas?

Amelia’s map plates and bowls make great wedding gifts each one is made from maps, comics, and stamps making them an unusual present.

For We Make Christmas Amelia is making some smaller more affordable trinket bowls.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?

Bombus’s Etsy shop http://bombus.etsy.com is full of wonderful unique creations. Amelia hasn’t added her winter collection he Christmas collection is coming soon......

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