Oct 29, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Sheepshape Spinning

Looking through Elizabeth’s shop is every knitter's dream. She enjoys knitting, crocheting and dyeing but her main love is spinning.

‘The instant that I spun that first spindle I knew that I was hooked.’

Elizabeth uses a Kromski Sonata folding spinning wheel and a Woolee Winder flyer assembly. All of her yarns are hand spun and/or hand dyed making them soft and in a wonderful range of colours. She hand dyes commercial sock yarn, which can be used for socks, toys or baby clothes, and also creates handspun yarns suitable for a variety of uses.

Waiting For We Make Christmas?
Elizabeth is currently working on some tiny knitted sheep which are small enough to fit into your palm. She is also making unique glow-in-the dark bears, cats, and rabbits by combining special glow-in-the-dark wool with her own handspun wool.
‘The animals glow for hours after exposure to light and everyone who has seen them absolutely loves them.’

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?
Take a look at Elizabeth’s online shops
sheepshape.etsy.com and avanutria.etsy.com. They have a beautiful selection of her wool and knitted items.

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Elizabeth said...

Visit the Sheepshape Blog at http://sheepshapespinning.blogspot.com/ to see a group photo of some of the We Make Christmas knitted animals (19 October entry) as well as many of my other projects!