Oct 13, 2008

WeMake Tote Goodie Bags

As many of you may know this summer we held the very first We Make fair in London to great success. One of the elements of the fair that we had a positive feedback from was the promotional tote bags which we organised.

Each tote bag was sponsored by a We Make stall holder and individually decorated in the style and technique of that person. We had a great mix of styles and colours, something for everyone.

Each tote was then filled with great promotional items and business cards from the stall holders and other UK designers, makers and artists. These cotton bags also proved a great way for customers to carry around all of their wonderful purchases from the fair. Our tote bags are a great alternative to throw away bags.

For We Make Christmas, we are excited to be doing the totes again but even bigger and better. We have more designers taking part in sponsoring and decorating the totes not to mention even more fantastic items donated to include in the totes. From earrings, to art cards, to magnets and even more you will thrilled with your goodie bag.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just printing the first batch now!