Sep 8, 2008

Spotlight- My Aphrodite

….Silver Smithing by the Seat of Her Pants!

My Aphrodite is a mystical world of silver, semi precious gemstones, and pre Raphaelite inspired beauty.

“My technique is what I’d call ‘flying by the seat of my pants’. My original training in metal work was very brief, so I’m largely self taught. I probably don’t do things quite the way I’m supposed to, but they seem to turn out alright in the end!”

As if to illustrate this point, My Aphrodite is full of unique, magical, jewellery designs, each easily identifiable as a My Aphrodite designer piece. The design below is called ‘The potential for Flight’ and is a clear bestseller.

My Aphrodite is a lover of using bird imagery; her daughter is even named after a bird. As well as symbolic imagery, My Aphrodite designs are inspired by mythology and art, especially that of the Pre Raphaelite movement. You will recognise many of her design names from literature and paintings.

Available at We Make Christmas

My Aphrodite is bringing a huge selection of her iconic silver and gemstone artwork with her to We Make Christmas. Be sure to take a look through her etsy store and get a feel for the names and stories behind each piece before you come to look at them in person.

Don’t wait till We Make Christmas!

Although many of My Aphrodite’s beautiful jewellery designs can be reproduced, there are some stunning one off’s that you won’t want lose, like her Queen Mab necklace (see below)

This design tells a thousand stories, from the icy effect of the moonstones, through to the spiky imagery of the silverwork, and the tiny beads hanging like snow drops.

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