Sep 19, 2008

Spotlight- What Katie Does

C is For.......... Camera

Katie has a passion for cameras, whether it’s collecting them, drawing them, or using them. They are a big part of Katie’s work. By day Katie uses her Interactive Media education in her Web Design job. Balancing this with her passion for drawing is exactly What Katie Does.

My illustrations are a blend of good old fashioned sketching and a bit of digital wizardry. Everything starts as a rough pencil sketch which I then go over with ink. That's then scanned and re-traced in Illustrator, then I add colour and texture in Photoshop.’

Katie's camera pieces are her best sellers; they have also been featured on many blogs. 'My Cameras' is definitely my most popular drawing. I suppose everyone loves the lure of a novelty camera'

Katie’s favourite piece is her letter C. It allowed her to use new techniques combined with her much loved drawing techniques.

Waiting For We Make Christmas:

Katie is currently getting into the Christmas spirit and designing a new range of Christmas and thank you cards.

Can’t Wait For We Make Xmas:

Katie is working her way through the alphabet. With a unique style and illustration for each letter they are both artistic and fun. They would make a perfect gift for someone special.

Katie loves using patterns especially from Japanese Origami papers and collage effects. Her alphabet series draws on both of these inspirations.

What Katie Does can be found through her online shop at and her website

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