Nov 23, 2008

Designer Spotlight- All The Fun At The Fair

Just off Carnaby St in Kingly Court, All the Fun of the Fair is a sweetie shop for knitters and crafters full of yarn, haberdashery, buttons, vintage finds plus lots of quirky hand knitted and hand made items.

Buzz loves finding everyday objects and recreating them as a fantastic knitted piece. Buzz will spend alot of time finding the correct colour wool to make the item very life like.

‘When I decide on what everyday object that I think needs knitting, ie a knitted pumpkin! I then spend an awful lot of time on getting the colour right. It is often in the most humdum of places that the colour might leap out at me, ie a colour of some packaging whilst out shopping.’

Buzz’s creations are quirky, bright and fun.

Waiting For We Make Christmas:
All The Fun Of The Fair will be bringing some of their most popular designs from their Carnaby Street store. Including their more tea vicar tea cozy. Buzz loves to see who buys it and who its for and loves the ironany of her selling it as her husband is a vicar.

All The Fun Of The Fair also have a fun range of knitted tape measures. These will make great Christmas presents.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas:
Why not take a look at All The Fun Of The Fairs website or you could even treat yourself to a trip to their shop Unit 2.8 Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street.

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Treaclezoo said...

Yay! I spotted a Treaclezoo crocheted sweetie brooch!! These come in a multitude of colours, come see!