Nov 27, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Littleclouds

Alison passion for making things flourished during her Art and Design studies at university. After her studies Alison developed he designs and style to make a career out of her passion.

‘My design process is quite organic & can be quite random, usually through drawing or imagination I come up with ideas that either get built upon & realised or put aside in my sketchbook’

Alisons website was a project while she was at university. It now follows the same design but offers a great range of her products.
Alison is also working on wholesale orders that will allow her work to be seen throughout Europe.

Waiting For We Make Christmas:
For We Make Christmas Little clouds will be bringing some of her best sellers including her brooches and badges and her cards.

Little Clouds is also making some Christmas goods, like stockings, Santa hats & little stocking fillers like stickers & transferable graphics.

Can’t wait for We Make Christmas:
Check out Little Clouds online shop Lots of gift ideas and treats for yourself.

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