Nov 17, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Jaemeekae

Amy is a wonderfully skilled photographers. Inspired by light and the effects it can create. One of Amy’s techniques which often intriques people is here Light Trail shots.

‘The camera is set up on a tripod and the shutter is held open for around a minute for each shot. This gives time for the dark background to burn into the sensor... while I (or a willing volunteer) run around in the freezing cold pointing a torch at the lens. Because the person holding the torch is comparitively dark, and is moving quickly, they don't show up on the picture. It's a fun thing for anyone to try.’

Amy’s style is quite unique. She always works in high contrast and high saturation. Amy mainly works in colour very rarely in black and white.

‘I love the gritty urban aesthetic, throw in a bit of dilapidation, or a bright neon light, maybe a light trail. Sometimes I also like things to be a bit more serene or contemplative and I'm trying to get going on some documentary stuff that will be more involved. Basically, I just like to experiment and try different things and see what happens!’

Waiting For We Make Christmas:
For We Make Christmas Amy is working on smaller prints. Her aim is to make her art affordable to all.

Amy also has some lovely still life pictures, travel and interiors pictures

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas:
Amy’s website is host to a wonderful selection of her photo’s there is also some clever photo manipulations and paint and draw pictures.

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