Nov 3, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Laurafallulah

Laura has always had a passion for fashion and textiles. Growing up, Laura dreamed of being a fashion designer and could often be found sketching dreamy fairytale dresses. Laura then went on to study textiles at college and university.

‘I am inspired by colour, pattern and nature. Personally I like things which are individual and a bit quirky so I try to bring this to my designs.’

Laura is constantly looking online, in magazines and shops for inspiration, therefore keeping up with current fashion trends. Laura also keeps a scrapbook of colour samples, fabric swatches and images. Using the materials themselves as inspiration.

Waiting For We Make Christmas?

Laura’s most distinctive design is her simple rose. Available in brooches, purses, shoes and various styles of bags. It is inspired by her favourite flower.

‘I then stylised into a simplified version and stitched onto felt. I was also really influence by my love of traditional American style tattooing, I love the bright coloured simple 50s roses. It is bought by all sorts of people, people who love flowers, people who love vintage design or simply people who love colour and pattern.’
For We Make Christmas Laura is working on felt Christmas decorations inspired by 60’s and 70’s decorations. Laura is also working on some new styles of bags.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas?
If you can’t wait to pick up one of Laura’s fantasic designs then check out her online shop Laura’s designs can also be found in various boutiques and shops.

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