Nov 9, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Moments by Martha

Becci has always loved making things whether it is baking, sewing or jewellery.

Becci’s stunning jewellery incorporates a wonderful range of gemstones and wooden shape. These are complimented with a range of metals including sterling silver.

‘Most of my jewellery is one of a kind... I tend to make what I think would best suit the stones that I have. I love cubes, and the sharper lines that, when included in pieces, get softened by the appearance of the whole item. I love shiny and matte beads, and have recently delved into metals other than silver.’

Waiting For We Make Christmas:
For We Make Christmas Becci will be bringing some of her best selling pieces, including her two square earrings with red sponge coral. The first ever pair of these were actually sold at We Make in June.

Can’t Wait For We Make Christmas:
Take a look at Becci’s online shop
This is a treasure trove full of Becci’s beautiful creations.

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