Sep 4, 2011

Thames Festival Designers: Cards and Prints

With just under 1 week to go we would like to introduce you to some of the designers that will be at the We Make London area at the Thames Festival.

These are all of the wonderful sellers that make cards and prints:

Sweet View is a new company offering prints by artist Jack Noel, designed to resonate with Londoners. So rather than pictures of the London Eye with Big Ben in the background, or Big Ben with the London Eye in the background – views we only recognise from the Apprentice titles – these are views of the crossroads, markets and hidden squares that provide the true backdrop to a life in London.

For each image there is a limited print run of 200 copies, signed and numbered by the artist. Our pictures are printed on high quality 235gsm paper in A2 size (594 x 420mm).

I’ve been earning a living as an illustrator for 25 years and the work I’ll be showing at the Thames Festival
will be my hand screen-printed cards and examples of my ‘house paintings’. 
The cards are all printed in my studio at home from my own paper-cut stencils and I sell them at craft fairs, on folksy and at selected shops.
There are about 150 designs to date. 
The ‘house paintings’ show families either inside or outside their homes – in London and beyond - and prove to be extremely popular commissioned presents.

Catbird Craft is a small pagan arts & crafts business based in SE London, UK. We make Sabbat greetings cards; paintings and prints of original artworks and photographs; skull fetishes; and garden ornaments. We are interested in many art forms including folk, naive, and art nouveau

I'm Jill and I'm an Illustrator in London, UK. I love cats, fine china and marmite. The summer starts here with fab tea towels to use at your sunny afternoon teas and picnics.

Originally from Devon, Helen now lives and works from a rather lovely SW London studio (from which she can witness squirrel fights in the park) and spends her time developing her decorative lettering styles, combining beautiful colour and clean lines to create a quirky and vibrant style. Her passion for her work is illustrated in everything she designs, creatures and characters burst into life in her colourful and gently humorous designs.
Helen has worked on a number of projects for many high profile organisations and companies in the UK, Europe and beyond including John Lewis, Te Neues and the Tate. Her illustrations have also adorned an array of products over her career including t-shirts, porcelain mugs, greeting cards and stationery.
Helen's beautiful limited edition prints are available through a variety of online retailers as well as her website and are perfect gifts which can adorn your home or workplace.

    EAST END PRINTS.... is based in the East End of London and we sell prints! Gorgeous, quirky graphic art for first time buyers and creative connoisseurs...
    EAST END PRINTS was set up in 2010 by Helen Edwards who felt beautiful, affordable artworks from emerging and established graphic designers, illustrators and print-makers should be delivered to your door framed and ready to hang in home or office.

    Located in the heart of Shoreditch, with over 10 years experience of artist management, print publishing and temporary concept stores. Keep up to date with news, print releases and events

    A range of beautiful handmade cards and gifts made by       Surface Pattern Designer, Celia Reid.
    Using worn and torn wallpaper that has been hand and machine stitched into layers that become 3-dimensional. Each design is then embellished with beads and glitter dust to add that touch of sparkle.

    To design and make beautiful handmade cards and gifts that you'll want to keep for'll just have to buy two!

    My work embraces the free flow of shades, colours, textures and allows the blank canvas to play host to the magic of spontaneous expression. Often I work with no expectation of a specific character in mind before starting to paint. I prefer to let them arrive through the glimpse of something deeper, slightly hidden. I enjoy the moment when the interaction in painting changes from me giving to the picture, to it mediating something back, like a creative dialogue beginning which I respond to. The elements in the painting seem to speak; a small whisper or a shout. And thats when the magic dance begins.

    Biba’s Tea party is a paper goods design company that is based in North London. Our concept and inspiration comes from the art of a ‘Tea Party’.
    All of our products feature whimsical printed illustrations. They have a playful simplistic quality that is both nostalgic and timeless.
    Products include stationery, paper chains, bunting and art prints. Designs and materials are carefully chosen and combined to create something special that we hope will make you smile and you can treasure.

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