Sep 2, 2011

Thames Festival Designers: Jewellery

With just over 1 week to go we would like to introduce you to some of the designers that will be at the We Make London area at the Thames Festival.

These are all of the wonderful Jewellery sellers that will be there:

Boobou Designs is a unique concept in jewellery - combining style and comfort - necklaces
and bracelets so light and soft to wear they create a statement without feeling heavy or

They are so original that everyone will compliment you and wonder where you found them.
The versatile designs can be worn in a number of different ways to complete any outfit.

I hand make all items personally, so each is unique. I love creating designs that look great
and that you'll wear over and over again.

Inspired by the world of fairytales and all that is Vintage and playful we spend our time creating covetable pieces of jewellery.
From Once upon a time rings to Heart shaped collar brooches and even Sand timer necklaces you'll find and abundance of whimsical pieces to add to your very own fairytale. 

Culpably Cute utilises vintage lace and other vintage-inspired materials to make unique jewellery
and accessories. I started making jewellery in 2009, partly for fun and partly to make something
lovely to wear myself. I’ve been designing and selling since then and I really enjoy it!

Inspiration first came from with collections of lace that I inherited from both my grandmothers,
which I turned into my first pieces of jewellery.  Most designs can only be made in small editions or
as one-offs, since each piece of lace is in limited supply.

to hold the pieces together. I also have simpler styles based around flowers, butterflies and other

Stars and Scars is named because it describes my main creative source - my hands. just below my right hand I have a white tattoo of a star. on the palm of my left hand I have an inch long scar from a carpal tunnel operation. I went to university for three years and have a degree in jewellery design and silversmithing. on my course we were taught not only traditional materials and techniques but encouraged to explore more unusual designs. I found that my love was in using non traditional materials, so most of my work is in plastic, paper, found objects etc

Shark Alley celebrates the lovely natural forms of animals, birds and butterflies in a variety of media, from ornate colourful jewellery to charming hand-stitched felt pieces.

It is the brainchild (and anagram!) of Brighton artist and designer Sarah Kelly and was started in 2010 to reconnect with the pleasure of making things.  Each piece is made entirely by hand with lots of attention to detail, decoration (and sparkliness) and recycled materials are used wherever possible.


  Julia Pharo was raised in the heart of South Africa’s gold and diamond mining industry.
As a little girl, her young fingers were constantly stained by the brick red earth of her
grandfather's diamond mine where she played, searching through the rich topsoil dreaming of
finding her own precious gemstone.

Julia's passion and flair for jewellery design combines the stark beauty of precious and semi-
precious stones with the soft lustre of freshwater pearls.

Now working in London, Julia’s bespoke jewellery pieces are exquisitely designed and
instantly recognisable with classic and contemporary pieces in her Precious and Semi-
Precious Jewellery Collections.

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