Dec 8, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Anna Wiscombe

 About Anna Wiscombe:
Anna Wiscombe, originally from the countryside of Dorset, now lives and works in London but still draws her inspiration from the natural environment that surrounded her while growing up!

Using birds, animals and leaves in her designs, she produces a collection of decorative and functional wooden products that are full of intricate details and have their own special character.

Her love of nature and the shapes found within it are given a contemporary edge by using bright colours and stylised forms whilst always complimenting the natural beauty of the wood.

All of Anna’s work is lovingly handmade, by her, from start to finish.  Whilst pieces are replicated, no two will ever be the same, making each one an individual character for you to enjoy!


I love drawing but also working in a three dimensional way so by creating decorative objects with intricate carved patterns I get to combine two of my biggest influences! 
I also love working with colour and enjoy pairing natural woods with bright, contemporary finishes - hopefully creating modern products that people enjoy as much as I do making them!

Best Sellers:

My best sellers are my range of brooches – fun, cute and with lots of different designs to enjoy, they’re definitely the things that people like the most!

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

For this year’s Christmas Fair I’ll be making lots of lovely festive treats including wooden baubles & decorations, beautiful wooden wreaths and garlands as well as a fun little robin redbreast brooch!
I will also have all my ranges of decorative standing and wall birds as well as stylish wooden necklaces and brooches!


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