Dec 5, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Feather Fancies

About Feather Fancies:

My background is in theatrical costume having worked on shows around the country and in the West End for over 14 years. I have worked on incredible shows with the most fantastic costumes and makers so I have never been away from an abundance of inspiration.
My move into millinery was a happy happening, I made myself a feather creation for a ball and then the orders from friends started coming in, the rest as they say is history. I love creating individual pieces with as much or as little input from my clients as they desire. I like to keep my pieces as affordable as I can but also insist on sourcing the best components available. I love trying new colours and adore using vintage findings and brooches on the pieces. I’m always looking forward to making my next creation be it a more demure hairclip or an out there burlesque stunner.


My inspiration stems from the world of fashion and theatre which is constantly in my world, but I love nature and the strongest inspiration has to be the birds themselves, nature is stunning and exciting and seems to know no limits. That’s not to say I don’t get inspiration for a colour from a chair or bedside lamp either.

Best Sellers:

My best sellers are the more everyday smaller hairclips which are very popular, I tend to do small runs of colours so there are never hundreds of the same thing in the world at the same time- then I’d just be a high street chain and you wouldn’t feel as special!

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

Buyers will be delighted by the choice of colours. I have created a new range especially for this event with brand new vintage findings (well not brand new of course). I will have an array of smaller easy to wear to the pub or to work for that matter, through to the bigger pieces (which I think should also be worn to the supermarket). The bigger pieces tend to be one of pieces so you know you are getting something unique.


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