Dec 3, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Egulte

About Eglute:
Eglute is a cuter, baby name for Egle, which is my first name. It means a spruce/fir tree, hence the logo, of two evergreen trees. They represent growth and an everlasting natural beauty that should be treasured, loved and protected. That’s why there is nothing trashy about recycling…
Apart from this "rubbish business" I, also, play and coach table tennis, I exercise, I eat raw vegan food. I share my home, in London, with my boyfriend and a bunny. I love it!
If I didn't play TT and hadn't chosen arty subjects in school or studied Textile Design (at Middlesex University), I would be a vet. Or if I found a case full of monies I would move somewhere rural and remote to lead a completely sustainable life.

I believe that working and creating, whatever it may be, gives us satisfaction, creates self-worth and simply makes us better people. Working and creating, while recycling and releasing happiness, positive messages and beautiful things into the world makes it all that little bit more special and a lot more worthwhile.
I care a great deal about health and wellbeing, not just my own but people and things around me, which is what inspires my work initially. My creative drive is fuelled by the thought of doing something good for us all and by the hope that others would notice and follow.

Best Sellers:

My Moon Fold Salamander clutches and purses are my signature pieces where great design, functionality and creative use of waste materials are married into one stylish piece of accessory.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

At the fair you will find all of my usual items, most - perfect stocking fillers, as well as some seasonal goods, all recycled, of course. Also, I will have a new range of T-shirts and tops “printed” with recycled plastics and made from lovely, sustainable, organic cotton and bamboo.

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