Dec 4, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Phoebe Eason

About Phoebe Eason:

Storytelling, superstitions, proverbs and mottos are a human universal which inspire me. 
I’ve been drawing, reading and making stories longer than I can remember. The 2 processes I use are detailed and very invloved, so I get to be a hermit near Epping Forest for a while when I work, I cut lino and draw with a biro and love to use these more recently neglected mediums. I also hand press the linocuts and like to think of  it as putting together a puzzle which is only complete at the end when I press it. I love my folks, animals, fairytales, nature and colour and feel compelled and complete to use these in my work. Each image has a story you can take from me or give from yourself and you are always very welcome either way.

Best Sellers:

As of today it is these two pieces

Never Never Never Give Up

The thorny thicket from Sleeping Beauty and the giant iron gate will try to prevent you reaching your goal but just keep going and you’ll work it out. 

Secret Skills

We all have them, old, exciting, useful, neglected. It’s pretty surprising what you find out your friends can do.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

Limited Edition  Prints from A4 size to full poster size or linoprints and drawings.
Framed prints
Christmas cards


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