Dec 1, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Creme Nouveau

About Creme Nouveau:

I love creating jewellery and it has got to be flamboyant, tongue in cheek and above all fun! It’s got to make you smile. I can’t resist using unexpected items and kooky vintage images. I hunt for my treasure in junk shops and at car boots sales. My medium of choice is predominantly resin and any charming odds and ends. My work is all about retro revival with a sense of humour, and of course involving sprinklings of the most sparkly finds and lashings of decadent glamour.


I love extravagant gewgaws and nostalgic kitsch ephemera. I’m fascinated by weird and wonderful oddities from decades past, and vintage Hollywood glamour, perfectly preened actresses dripping in elaborate jewels.  I try to combine this extravagance with my whimsical finds to create jewellery that when worn, demands attention.

Best Sellers:

Babe necklace from my twinkle deluxe collection is my most popular. It features an image of a 17th century nude woman being led blind fold by a pig and a cherub! Also my ‘oh crumbs’ collection always go down a treat, the jammy dazzler brooches In particular.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

This Christmas there will be a few more new additions to the Twinkle Deluxe range. Also the new Coral Crystal range worn by the likes of Songstress Gabby Young and Marina and the Diamonds will be on display, with all their sparkly crystals they are perfect for the party season. You will also find the return of the very popular tea inspired candles in delicious scents that are good enough to eat!


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