Dec 6, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Tara Winona

About Tara Winona:
I absentmindedly dip paintbrushes in cups of tea at my 'hideaway studio' on a London river where I dabble in the colourful world of paints and poetry. Originally I trained as a graphic designer and illustrator and dreamt of bright lights, art and an adventurous life...

My dreams led me from Australia to tumble across the world and create homes in Milan and Paris, until I accidentally fell in love and landed in London.

The continuous thread through my life has always been the search for my creative expression. In my 'other job' I art direct sparkling multi-media shows around the world, balancing the sparkling lights with time in my studio.

My work is inspired by my life experiences - their highs and lows, the beauty of the world around us.


My adventures through life inspire my art and my writing with their highs and lows. I have a great desire and need to express myself through my art and words - it is what gives me joy and makes sense of life.

I am inspired by the great visionary artists such as Klimt, Van Gogh and Gaudi. They risked much in their lives to follow their dreams and creating their art.

Best Sellers:

This painting is called 'Hope'.  

Somehow, even when we are in our deepest moments of despair, there is something that keeps us going. For me this feeling is 'Hope' - a light and strength that comes from within. 

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