Nov 5, 2010

EdwinUk Designer Feature:

About EdwinUk:

Edwyn UK is about the appreciation of creature comforts, things that enhance the quality of life, from taking long walks in the great outdoors, to snuggling up at home, preferably in the company of a four legged friend…..

My background is in design. I trained as a furniture designer at the RCA and worked in architectural practices as well as designing furniture ranges for major UK department stores. I grew up in a family of artists and designers, encouraged from an early age to draw, and where my Fathers studio provided an endless supply of art material.

As a way to regain a direct relationship between designing and making I have used my love of dogs and design to springboard Edwyn UK, focusing primarily on interior textiles and hand made items, applying techniques such as hand embroidery hand carved block printing and appliqué.

The aim is to provide home and pet accessories that will enhance the domestic setting at the same time as providing good practical solutions to everyday domestic life.


Edwyn my dog is, of course, a major inspiration. Edwyn arrived just at the time I was beginning to get back into making, the new world of dogs and my old world of home design seemed to marry naturally. I have always been a visual person, and a collector, so inspiration comes through my daily life, problem solving and the visual dictionary of the things I surround myself with – from my collection of ceramic dogs and old dog ephemera, to old office furniture, a kind of vintage utility aesthetic if you like.

Best Sellers:

The red gingham hand printed neckerchief is just one of our best sellers, and makes a great gift for a four legged friend. They look terribly smart on. The bone design is the most popular amongst the choice of print designs.

The hand printed key rings sell very well; the terrier printed on hound’s-tooth linen is the most popular at the moment, with the whippet/greyhound a close second. They make great socking fillers. I’m continually adding to the pack and a new pug print will be ready for the Christmas Fair.

The appliqué doorstops also sell extremely well and make the perfect gift to send, as they are sold empty, with a zip in the bottom to allow for filling at home. Practical and fun, no aching shoulders carrying these doorstops home!

We Make Christmas:

At the Christmas Fair we will have hand embroidered and appliqué cushions, hand printed key rings and lavender bags. Also hand printed doggie neckerchiefs in a choice of fabrics and designs, canvas tote bags and shoppers, with a new dog walking bag especially for the show, plus appliqué draught excluders and doorstops. And of course the Edwyn Dogs will be putting in an appearance!

We will be taking custom orders for the embroidered dog cushions, and have details of our pet beds too large to bring to the show, but they will be available to order.


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