Nov 17, 2010

Flora Mckillop London Designer Feature:

About Flora McKillop London:

I studied Product Design and Development for Accessories at London College of Fashion. I had always made my own bags and home accessories so Flora McKillop London was born of the natural progression of those skills coupled with interest in my work from friends and acquaintances. Driven by passion, ingenuity and determination, I decided to set up my own collection of handmade, original pieces. I sell my home accessories in Melissa Lee in Chiswick and as the bags are all bespoke, clients make an appointment to visit to my showroom in Fulham to discuss their order. Then they can see the leathers and materials and samples of the bags.

By providing the client with exactly what they want allows them to express their personality and style instead of following prescribed trends.


My mother is a bespoke couturier, and always encouraged me to be creative and individual. I would spend hours in her studio being inspired by her approach to materials, style, quality and attention to details, and the time taken to produce each one-off design.

I also am obsessed with anything vintage or antique as back them nearly everything was handmade and authentic, which is a huge contrast to the mass produced products that are all around us today.

Best Sellers:

The croc shoulder totes always sell well (£140), as they have two small handles and a long shoulder strap too for practicality. The pocket on the outside is easy accessible for your keys/oyster card etc and the lining inside is a fun striped linen. They come in any colour.

The union jack cushions with pom pom trimming (£20) are also very popular - they are fun and different and make perfect christmas presents!

We Make Xmas:

Leather accessories in browns, blues and beiges, such as key rings, card holders, wallets, shoppers and tote bags. Home accessories in toiles, stripes and tweeds such as carrier bag holders, doorstops, cushions and pin boards.

Prices start from £2 for lavender bags and will go up to £140 for the bags.

Here is a photo of my last stall at the Game and Country Fair in Sussex.


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