Nov 23, 2010

Share The Feeling Designer Feature:

About Share The Feeling:

Share the Feeling is a happy little enterprise based in Hackney, East London. We employ local people with learning disabilities – The Chain Gang – who use their skills and talents in making a range of ©Little Gifts and cards to make people smile. Our main range is ©Little Gifts of Feeling - colourful, handmade cotton bags filled with special ingredients like: bells – so you jingle all the way, coins – so you’ll never be broke, marbles – in case you lose yours, smiles and chocolate kisses. The ingredients are symbolic of the different feelings in the range, which includes Christmas Cheer, Festive Fun, Happiness, Love, Friendship, Thanks and more... They’re Little Gifts with a BIG impact and perfect for when a greeting card just won’t do.

This festive season, we've teamed up with North London charity Kith & Kids (who support children and adults with learning disabilities and their families to lead full lives and access the services they need) to create stylish Seasons Greetings cards with a truly ethical difference. £3.50 from each pack sold goes to Kith & Kids and the rest of the money creates jobs at Share the Feeling. What’s not to love?


We want to show that you can run a successful, profitable business employing people with learning disability and that their talent and skills add value to the product. The Chain Gang aims to make the world a better place, one ©Little Gift at a time. They inspire everything we make and do.

Best Sellers:

Our ©Little Gift of Friendship is currently our best seller and contains:
Marbles - coz I’d lose mine without you
Glitter – it’s sparkly, just like you
A kiss – coz you’re brilliant
A smile – you make me happy!
A sweetie – coz that’s what you are
A party popper – coz life is so much fun with you in it
A star – that’s what you are

All our ©Little Gifts are fully customisable and make an excellent alternative to a Christmas cracker, decoration, stocking filler or small gift. Guaranteed to get you feeling festive!

We Make Christmas:

We are deeply chuffed to announce the launch of their new range of cinnamon and clove scented gift items, in time for the festive season. Available to buy online at, the new range includes something for everyone, from £3.00 to £15.00…

Badges (£3.00): Handmade using offcuts of the vintage and other fabrics used in our buntings and bags. Sold in packs of 2, they’re just the gift for hard to please trendies and teens this holiday season.

Back for the holiday season - with bells and baubles on are ©Little Gifts of Festive Fun and Christmas Cheer (£5.00): Scented with cinnamon and cloves these small green and red cotton bags are filled with special ingredients like: bells – so you can jingle all the way, candy canes – to keep you sweet, mistletoe – let the kissing begin!

Lavender Hearts (£8.00): Unique, one-of-a-kind hearts, filled with lavender from Cornwall and finished with silver plated "with love" charms. 100% handsewn and stuffed by The Chain Gang* using vintage and retro fabrics. A sweet scented gift for the one you love.

Lavender Wheaties (£10.00): A big hit with busy Mums, these are a great alternative to a hot water bottle and very handy for easing aches and pains of all kinds. Filled with organic wheat and homegrown lavender and available in 2 floral fabrics, they can be heated in a microwave or on a radiator or stored in the freezer and used as an alternative to a bag of frozen peas…

Winter Warmers (£15.00): Festive, vintage Liberty print (Tana Lawn) cotton bags filled with organic wheat, cinnamon and cloves. Sold in packs of two, in origami paper presentation boxes, these make handy little pocket (or welly…) warmers for the cold winter months. Just pop them in a microwave or on a radiator to heat. They’re a perfect gift or stocking filler for all the family.

Also on sale at We Make London will be our charity Christmas cards and our own range of cards too!


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