Oct 8, 2009

Cathy Cullis Designer Feature

About Cathy Cullis:

I'm a literary-minded Arts graduate who works with mixed media and the written word. I live with my family in Surrey, just outside London, but consider myself a Londoner. Turning 40 this year is a positive for me. I feel I am making work that reflects my individuality, my particular expressive style. These days I work with stitch, drawing on paper, writing poetry, dyeing fabrics and more. I find the shifting and juggling of different projects suits me and ideas dance along. Working with textiles is not something planned at all. At school I disliked sewing. But as a young mother I found myself drawn to making simple things with my hands, particularly dolls. When I machine embroider I use my sewing machine as a drawing tool and think in terms of painting rather than stitch work. I also enjoy primitive simple stitching that has a nostalgic quality. My work often combines my love of words with visual ideas. I don't think in terms of making products but instead consider each item I create as an individual 'piece', whether it is a larger stitched artwork or a small ornament. Each piece is individual and has its own story


My work reflects my interest in women's history and experience, the forgotten voices of the past (and present), collective memory, creative journeys, spirituality, nostalgia, nature and dreams. Over time I've created for myself an inner world of dreaming characters and voices, and my work is about sharing this with others. So I often repeat themes and motifs and have 'dreamer' figures in my artworks. I've studied Outsider Art and am particularly interested in female artists such as Madge Gill. I'm also inspired my many poets, past and present. I'm enchanted by folk stories, songs and hand crafts.

Best Seller:

I've recently been designing smaller, quite intricate stitched works that I call 'snowglobes'. These are inspired by vintage snowglobes and feature my own invented 'dreamer' characters. There is a certain tension to these pieces that I quite like. I feel the snowglobes, designed to be worn as brooches or displayed in a frame, are a good example of how I can work in a very detailed way using machine embroidery. I hope to offer a selection of snowglobes at the show.

We Make London:

There will be a broad selection of work on offer at We Make Christmas, reflecting my various current obsessions. I'll hope to bring smaller stitched works, some of my yesterdays doll ornaments, mixed media collages, amongst other things.


my blog: http://cathycullis.blogspot.com
my own shop: http://cathycullis.bigcartel.com

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Emma in Wonderland said...

Beautiful work and a great crafting philosphy! I really the 'snow globes' and Iwould love to see me, hubby and our boys as doll ornaments!