Oct 1, 2009

Floppy-Buddha Designer Feature

About Floppy-Buddha:

I’m a fashion designer who always had a love for a modern and graphic style. I do most of my illustrations and designs on the computer to get a clean, and contemporary feel. I have applied this concept to the floppy-Buddha baby wear to get a cute, stylish and funky look.

Having been in the fashion industry for over 14 years, I believe that producing clothing ethically is truly important. Through floppy-buddha I am hoping to tell a story, educate about eco wear and bring fun nd enjoyment to the consumer.


When I had my 2 children, they become the inspiration for my baby character 'floppy-buddha'. They used to gulp the milk and the milk would make them so chilled that the whole body would just flop. With the stomach full and their floppy posture, they became little floppy baby buddhas and then the little floppy-buddha character was born. From there on it was a natural progression to develop a small collection of eco friendly baby wear.

Best Sellers:

We Make Christmas:

Floppy baby wear for little moments. Floppy-Buddha’s universe is the inspiration to the baby wear collection made out of certified 100% organic cotton. The collection features designer prints with a fun, curious and nostalgic feel. All printing and dying are Oeko-tex certified, recognized by EJF (environmental justice foundation) as a recommended standard for environmental

friendly printing. The collection is made in jersey interlock with drop needle structure to give a vintage rib effect.

Find Floppy-Buddha at:



Emma in Wonderland said...

I popped into Floppy-Buddha's fabulous website last week!

I LOVE the cat dogs-tooth check!

Em ♥

fluffsstuffs said...

brilliant I know a cool little boy or will great in your stuff

theScandinavianMum said...

And I loved the panda sleep-suit!
Looking forward to see more. :)