Oct 31, 2009

Cool 4 Cats Designer Feature

About Cool 4 Cats:

I'm a paper engineer and illustrator, designing childrens' pop-up books and other things in folding paper. I've been making my range of papercraft automata for several years now, adding more models from time to time, when inspiration strikes!


I'm always looking for interesting mechanisms which can be made from paper, and then combined with an amusing idea to produce my automata. It's harder than you might think to combine the two very different disciplines!

Best Sellers:

This is my most popular model. Don't know why, but people seem to like the idea of children being eaten by a crocodile!

We Make Christmas:

I'll be selling the full range of my automata kit models at the show. There will be 'made-up' versions of all the models for you to see and try out for yourself. It's great fun....turn the handle, see the action! See Kong climb the skyscraper! See the invisible man stirring his tea! See the wonderful swimming mermaid, the Tomb of Doom, the catatonic kitty-cat, and many more! All are sold at very reasonable prices in kit form, are easy to post, and are perfect presents for Christmas. Come and take a look!



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Izabela said...

wow that is amazing! can't wait to see it in real life...