Oct 26, 2009

Lost At Sea Designer Feature

About Lost At Sea:

After completing design degrees (Scott in Special Effects and Vicky in Jewellery and Applied Arts) and both working freelance for a couple of years we decided to combine our skills and create things together.

We're driven by a passion for high quality craftsmanship and share an interest in technology and how these two things can be combined in order to produce fantastically made items at a reasonable price.

This has led us to developing our method of laser marquetry, we use our laser cutter to etch out designs from solid walnut and to precisely cut pieces of dyed wood veneer to fit. We then glue each individual piece of veneer in by hand using a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. Finally we finish each item using various grades of sandpaper and seal the whole thing with layers of varnish.


We're inspired by so many things from beautifully crafted items to something very simple like a perfect combination of colours. We love classic tattoos, vintage homewares, mid-century furniture and of course wood!

Best Seller:

I'm not sure that we have a signature piece yet as we've only been making and selling our jewellery for a few months but probably the biggest reaction we've had has been to our tattoo inspired pieces such as the inlaid swallow necklace.

We've only just launched our new medals collection which seems to be really popular with men as well as women so maybe they will become our signature pieces!

We Make Christmas:

We're always coming up with new ideas and trying to find the time to develop them so there will definately be lots of new items at the Christmas Fair.

We're also working on some great Christmas decorations which will be available at the show, made from wood veneer of course!





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Tina Mammoser said...

okay, I'm officially going to have to spend money at the fair now too! ;)