Oct 3, 2009

Poppies and Pearls Designer Feature

About Poppies and Pearls:

Poppies and Pearls came about after a couple of years at a silver smithing evening class, I’d been making birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and more and more people started commissioning me. My signature style is the use of sterling silver water cast pieces. These are organic natural shapes that I then use to create pieces of jewellery using pearls and semi precious stones for colour.


My inspiration comes initially from the shapes the water casting process creates, I love that the shapes can be anything you want, with a little imagination. Living in London means I am surrounded by inspiration from my daily commute, to the 9-5 job, to galleries and weekends away.

Best Seller:

My best seller is actually also my signature piece. The Poppy and Pearl necklace is where the name came from, I was making a gift for a friends birthday present and loved the shape so much I had a cast made so I could let more people share the piece. Another friend got in touch asking if I could do it as a ring for her and now it is the piece I get asked for the most.

We Make Christmas:

At We Make Christmas my best sellers will be available to buy alongside a new range I’m working on, so that people can treat themselves to a cute pair of pearl earrings or a sterling silver bangle with a semi precious stone drop while they are picking up friends Christmas pressies. I also hope to find the time to create a few mens pieces.


You can find me at www.poppiesandpearls.com, there’s also a facebook group and I’m working on the beginnings of a blog at http://www.poppiesandpearls.blogspot.com/

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